Top Casino Table Games 2024

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Maria Hollingsworth May 4, 2021

There are many different types of casino games. There are card hand games – such as card poker, there are online slot machines, and video poker games. But, in our opinion, we believe that the best gambling games are the casino table games. This review will be a homage of sorts to the classic table games. If you want to learn about the table game experience and the variety of the table games, then you can use our review as a guide of sorts. With no further ado, let’s get to it.

Best Real Money Casinos for Online Table Games

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Top Table Games List

Casino Table Games

First, we must discuss what kinds of games fall in to the casino table game category. Below you will find our list of table games.

Baccarat (Punto Banco)

Punto Banco is one of the most beloved versions of baccarat. The words give the meaning of the game – “Punto” means “player” and “Banco” means “bank”. This is a game where the player will play versus the dealer, much like in the case of blackjack. The main objective of baccarat is as simple as getting to nine or as close to it as possible with your cards, before the other side does. Also, you can’t go overboard and bust in baccarat. As simple as it sounds, baccarat is one of the most popular table games that player play to date. And with a RTP rate of nearly 99%, it’s easy to see why baccarat is played so often in online casinos and beyond.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em needs no introduction either. It’s the most notorious card poker game that’s available to play to date. As far as casino card games go, this is a game that requires the utmost precision and sharpness when playing. You’ll be playing your poker hands not against the dealers, but against other players – much like James Bond did in a few of his movies. The player will strive to get the best cards, or bluff their way into victory. It’s what makes this card poker game so fun and full of excitement. The RTP rate varies dramatically and it depends a lot on the level of skill that the player has. So, place the ante bet and have fun!

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is another game that will give the players a great gaming experience. It’s available on the tables of the top casinos, such as NeonVegas Casino, Ultra Casino, Nitro Casino, and others. In Three Card Poker, the players will be playing cards against the dealers – not against other players. The goal in this game is to get better cards than the dealer. The player will need to make sound decisions based on the cards that they get, for a chance to win, making measured bets along the way in this casino game. Three Card Poker is not anyway near as deep or intricate as some other versions, but it still offers a high level of excitement on the table and a big chance and great odds to win your bets. Three Card Poker has an RTP rate of around 95%.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In this casino table game, the players will once again get to play against the dealer. In every round, both the player and the dealer will get 5 cards each, and only 1 card that the dealer holds will be visible. You place ante bets at the beginning of the round and then decide whether to raise and continue the round to face off against the dealer, or fold and lose your ante bet. There’s the option to place a bonus bet in the form of side bets. The side bets could win you a big prize down the line if you get lucky. If then players get a royal flush, then they will get the biggest 100 to 1 payout of Caribbean Stud. Let Lady Luck do her thing and have fun! It has an RTP rate of 90.33% – 97.44%.

Blackjack Table Game

And now we have one of the kings of the gambling games – the notorious game of blackjack. The goal of blackjack for the players is to reach 21 with their cards or as close to it as possible, without going overboard. You will have to beat the dealer. There are many different variants of blackjack that can be played in practically any casino on the internet – including JustSpin Casino, NeonVegas Casino, JustSpin Casino, Ultra casino, and Nitro Casino, among many others. The reason why so many online casinos feature the game of blackjack alongside several blackjack variants is that the vast majority of players and gamblers enjoy playing it. One of the main benefits of playing blackjack in casinos is the very high RTP rate that can rise all the way up to 99.50% if you play your cards right.

Roulette Game

Roulette is the most notorious casino game, bar none. There are few things that reminisce us more of a casino than the roulette table and the roulette wheel – these are timeless symbols of gambling that are taken as such all over the world. Roulette has taken a cultural meaning and a life of its own, it’s more than just about a random casino or gambling. The players will have 37/38 numbers to be on when playing roulette. There are different variants of roulette that players can play, including European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, and many others. The roulette rates vary depending on the version that you will play – for the European Roulette version, the RTP is 97.30%.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is also one of the most fun and most enjoyed casino table games. It may not be quite up there as, say, blackjack or roulette, but make no mistake about it, there are still many players that enjoy playing Pai Gow Poker. In Pai Gow, you will be dealt a 5-card high hand and a 2-card low hand. The goal is for the higher hand to beat the lower hand. You can do this by getting a high card flush or any other of the Pai Gow combinations of cards. The RTP rate of Pai Gow varies between 92.23% – 97.47%.

Online Craps

There’s no mistake that craps is also one of the most fun and exciting free casino table games on the internet. There are more than 40 different bets that the player can make in this dice game. There’s the past line bets, the don’t pass line bets, the come bets, the don’t come bets, and many, many more in craps. The way the outcome of every craps round is by virtue of how the dice come out. The person throwing the dice at the beginning of the round is called the shooter. The odds at craps are exceptionally high, and they can climb all the way up to 99.53% and this is one of the biggest benefits that you’ll get by playing craps. But you will need to get lucky with the dice in craps if you are to win.

Table Games Q&A

Are table games rigged?

No, the casino table games are not rigged in any one of the online casinos that you will find on our portal.

What’s the best table game to play?

There is a variety of great casino table games to play. For example, there’s blackjack, Let It Ride poker, Mississippi Stud, roulette, and many others.

Table Games vs Live Dealer Games

Table gamesLive dealer games
There’s no dealer to guide the action, the playing process is automatizedThere is a real live dealer guiding the action
There are many different versions of the same gameThere is a commensurately smaller number of versions of the same game
There’s RNG software that’s responsible for the outcomePure luck is responsible for the outcome

Table Games Promotions and Bonuses

Table Games Bonuses

Practically every modern online casino has a list of bonuses for the players to use. Here’s a simple step-by-step list to claim the biggest bonus that most online casinos offer – the welcome bonus:

  1. Visit the website of the casino of your choice

    Let’s say that, this time, it’s

  2. Create an account

    Click the Register button in the top right corner of the screen at NeonVegas Casino and provide your name & email address, as well as other required data.

  3. Make a deposit

    Remember to use the deposit code “NEON” when doing so.

And there you have it, you will be able to claim the 500% deposit match bonus up to $500 at NeonVegas Casino. You can also claim the other bonuses that are typically available for the table games section in most casinos. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions for more info on releasing the bonuses. There’s a 20x wagering requirement at NeonVegas Casino, for example.

Texas Hold’Em vs Video Poker

Texas Hold ‘EmVideo Poker
You play against other playersYou play against the dealer
Involves strategical thinking, skill, and guileInvolves basic principles and luck
RTP rate varies greatly depending on several factorsRTP rate is set at about 99.50%

The Most Useful Tips for Playing Table Games

  1. Pick the version with the highest RTP rate

    For example, in the case of roulette, the French variant has an RTP of 97.30% with the En Prison and La Partage Rules, as well as the single 0. The American version’s RTP is at around 94.74%, as the game has double 0s.

  2. Use the available bonuses

    The casinos typically offer generous bonuses that you can apply when playing the games such as blackjack, baccarat, Mississippi Stud, and others, at the casino tables. You can get a lavish C$500 as a welcome deposit match bonus at JustSpin Casino for example.

  3. Read the terms and conditions

    This pertains in particular to the bonuses, as there you will learn more about the wagering requirements, allotted time to use the bonus, and other important terms.

  4. Practice playing the games of your choice

    Regardless if it’s baccarat or Mississippi Stud, or even the Let It Ride Poker game at the tables, it takes a lot of skill and practice to get good at it.

Conclusion – Excitement of Classic Table Games

It’s hard to find casino games that are as exciting or as synonymous with the whole notion of gambling as much as the table games. The best thing about it is that there are multiple versions of games in this section – and multiple versions of the same game, too. This keeps players entertained for a long time. If you ever felt curious about what the best table games had to offer, then now is the time to try them out and see for yourself. Have fun!

Table Games FAQ

What kinds of casino table games can I play in online casinos?

You can play a variety of different table games in online casinos. There are the casino card games such as 3 card poker and Mississippi Stud, there are classic table games such as the roulette table and blackjack, there’s craps and baccarat, and many others table games.

Is it safe to play table games?

We’d be lying to you if we were to say that it’s 100% safe all the time to play table games in online casinos. But if you follow all the recommendations on our portal and play only in licensed casinos such as JustSpin Casino, NeonVegas Casino, or 21Com Casino, then you will be completely safe.

Are there casino bonuses for the table games?

Most certainly. Most casinos offer some form of a welcome bonus, as well as a plethora of other bonuses for the table games

What’s the best game that involves skill?

We’d say that you’d have a great time playing cards. For example, we recommend Texas Hold’Em as arguably the best poker version available. You will get to compete against other players for the money and you will use a lot of guile and skill to win.